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Dornob Presents, LLC.
Dornob Presents, LLC.

This is Pearl, One of my best friends. She loves meeting kids, and is very gentle. If you hold your hand out flat, so she can sniff you  a little bit, she might crawl up your arm and give you a little loving. 

Birthday Parties

My show is adaptable to all ages. While the very young kids are best suited for Story PlayTime, older kids will enjoy  the same tyoe of entertainment, yet spoken in language respectful of their age. Depending on the crowd, I will gladly add in creative dramatics,  improviasation, or other participatory elements.


Story PlayTime


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at Timbuk Toys

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Join Mr. Paul for a fun-filled half hour of animated storytelling, active songs, with a little magic, puppetry, and juggling thrown in. Returning kids will become familiar with routine songs and the appearance of Loper and Pearl the squirrels, along with their friends. Throughout each session are messages of good manners, acknowledgment of feelings, and reinforcement of basic skills such as counting, spelling, letter, shape, and color recognition. Following Story PlayTime, Mr. Paul will twist a special balloon sculpture for each of the kids.



Mime & Illusion

What do sleight of hand, puppetry, prat-falls and Fushigi balls have in common? ...the skills of a mime. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to (and practice) basic techniques such as muscle isolations, freezing, balance, misdirection, and making the invisible seen - all with the purpose of creating illusion. 


"When I was a child, I attended the Kidskits Drama Camp in Grand Lake Colorado for four summers and he was my mime and movement instructor.  There was no one with more enthusiasm for his work and excellence in his craft than Paul.  His classes were the ones the kids at camp really talked about not just because of their novelty, but because of the passion that Paul brought to them. "

Tami LoSasso

Director, Lakewood High School Theatre Company

Programming Coordinator, Colorado State Thespians


"The greatest of Paul’s skills with children is his generous genuine caring presence, coupled with an ability to relate to groups at their comfort level ..." ~ Lura Worley, CRE, First Universalist Church


"Crazy" "Silly" "Goof-ball" 

~ Typical responses from kids








Thanks for stopping by. If you want to get in touch with me, please send me an email at

                              Story PlayTime at Timbuk Toys!

Weekly at 10:30 am


Tuesdays:        Highlands Ranch 9315 Dorchester St.


Wednesdays: University Hills 2526 S. University Blvd.


Thursdays:     Lowry Town Center 200 So. Quebec


Fridays:           Lakewood Commons 7830 W. Alameda Ave.


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