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Dornob Presents, LLC.
Dornob Presents, LLC.

Birthday Parties, Schools, Libraries, and similar events


One half-hour to 45 minute long performance, and balloons for up to 12 kids. $125 Additional fee for more than 12 balloons. Please see notes about balloons below.

Show Only $100



$75 for one-time, one-two hour session

$50 for multiple sessions on the same day, or subsequent weeks



Balloons typically take me 2-5 minutes to create, depending on the intricacy. You can expect about 15-20 per hour. I have a menu for kids to choose from, which lists which ones take longer. 


I do not hand balloons to kids who might put them in their mouths, or  not realize the scariness of popping, or the danger of swallowing, a long, stringy balloon. I will gladly hand balloons to the adults with them.


The balloons I use are 100% biodegradable (eventually). Direct sunlight deteriorates latex, and dulls the inital shine almost instantly. If I'm twisting outside, I need to stay in the shade. I have a small canopy, if needed.


$100 first hour

$50/hr thereafter

Tips appreciated



Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around my website, I hope you enjoy. If you want to get in touch with me, please use my contact form.

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